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About me

Writer/Performer/Producer Under the Overalls: Stories of a Dresser Unraveled presented at the Estrogenius Festival and the PIT. Graduate of UCLA with a  BA in Modern Dance and Choreography. Graduate of Atlantic Acting School.  Diploma in Visual and Performing Arts Administration from NYU.

Managing Director & a Founding Member of Threads Theatre Company. Founding Director of Retreat Beyond the Boroughs, a theatre arts cultivation center.

Upcoming Projects

Unseen, an “all access” pass into the mysterious world of Broadway’s backstage! Follow veteran “star dresser” Pam on her journey of working in the dark, unseen, while trying not to disappear.  10/14, 10/19 & 10/22 @ Theatre Row  - United Solo Festival Fall 2023.

9/10, Four stories set in the World Trade Center on the night before Sept. 11, 2001. 8/24-9/10 @ The Gene Frankel Theatre - New Directions Theater

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